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DIY E-Liquid

E-Liquid – Make your own
Do it yourself E-liquid has many benefits and it's not difficult at all.
A major benefit is we can make our own for pennies on the dollar. I make all the liquid we personally use and I spend around $1.20 for each 30 milliliters. Zero mg liquids are almost free.
Another benefit is we can make our liquid exactly the way WE want it and not the way someone in a faraway foreign land thinks we should have it. We can custom build for our own preferred nicotine strength, flavor and PG/VG ratio. No more cookie cutter liquids for us. If we don't like the flavor produced by a first attempt, we are free to modify our flavors until we get it exactly right.
A detraction is we have to invest in a kit but here's the good news. It's not expensive at all to acquire the nicotine base, a wide variety of flavors to play with, the PG and VG and the necessary tools. For the investment required to get a few bottles of store-bought liquid, we can supply ourselves with our own preferred liquids for a very long time.
Another detraction is we have to do a little work and pay attention to what we're doing. Accurate measuring and following your own instructions are essential skills.
A third detraction is we must have patience and plan ahead. Liquids need time to mature. Steeping is essential. Most liquids require at least a few days and many will not achieve their full measure of deliciousness for weeks.
Not many tools are necessary. I use a syringes from 1 ml to 12 ml and needles from 14 ga to 20 ga. You can get these from Tractor Supply or any feed store where they sell veterinary supplies. Tractor Supply is also a good place to buy USP PG by the gallon. You can buy the VG from Wally for less than $4.00 per bottle. I also use plastic bottles from 10 to 80 ml and a 10 ml graduated cylinder.
Before you go on a shopping spree to round up all the tools and goodies, I would like to direct you to this website where you can look around and find everything you need. This is the store I use for buying some of my raw materials and all of my flavors. This is a good store with a wide array of supplies at good prices and they will generally have everything you need. Please know that orders of $65 qualify for free shipping.
Wizard Labs
I like the flavors made by The Flavor Apprentice. Wizard stocks a huge number for very good prices. You can find more detailed information on these flavors here.
Flavor Information

Another convenient if not necessary thing is an application to do your calculations for you. I like this open source program. It works well, is accurate, easy to learn and use and it comes with a load of recipes to get you started.

E-Liquid Calculator
A word about nicotine solutions: There are all sorts of potencies available and generally, the stronger you buy, the more economical it is per milliliter. I would suggest you go no stronger than 60 mg. The difference between spilling a bottle of 60 mg and  a bottle of 100 mg in your lap may be a trip to the shower vs. a trip to the doctor.
Now for the requisite disclaimer: I will not be responsible for and disclaim all liability for any loss, liability, damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential), personal injury or expense of any nature which may be suffered by you or any other party as a result of or which may be attributable, directly or indirectly to your use of the information contained on the page. It is provided for your educational use only. What you choose to do with it is your responsibility. Please use all industry standard safety precautions and a lot of common sense if you choose to make your own liquids.
Happy Vapor Trails,