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Silver KSD TC 500 Temperature Control - Genuine Kangside Quality

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Silver KSD TC 500 Temperature Control - Genuine Kangside Quality Summary

A world-class product from a world-class manufacturer, the TC 500 box mod by Kangside is a remarkable new Temperature Control device that is tiny in size and huge in power. It's very small at 22 x 40 x 82 mm (0.87” x 1.57” x 3.2”) yet produces 50 watts of power into as low as 0.2Ω of resistance in Power Mode. The precision resistance meter reads to the hundredth of an ohm.

The newly revised TC 500 now operates in Joule Mode when in service as a temperature control device. It will use Ni200 coils or titanium coils into resistance as low as 0.1 ohm. The new Joule power scale runs between 2.5 and 25 J and the device will operate between limits of 200° F to 600° F or 100° C to 300° C.

It has an automatically adjusting spring center pin, stainless steel 510 connector with full Stainless Steel thread and may use eGo threaded devices with the included adapter.

Choice of optional batteries include:

1) One or two of Samsung INR18650-25R2 with carrying case and microfiber pouch from Battery Bro. These are guaranteed genuine Grade A Samsung cells.

Please note: A single battery will not come with the case or bag

2) One or two of the newest Efest 35A/60A 2900 mAh ultra low internal resistance battery for the ultimate in power. With 35A continuous discharge and 60A pulse discharge, this is the most powerful high capacity battery on the market and a perfect match for TC 500

Batteries are easily removed for external charging or can be recharged in place by USB with the included micro USB cable. Passthrough while charging.

All batteries come with anti-counterfeiting protection.

Please do not consider use of lower quality batteries with this device.

Atomizer choices include:

The Kangside A1 or the Kangside A2 with three 0.2 ohm Ni200 Temperature Control coils.

The A1 atomizer is a small 19 mm stainless steel and pyrex airflow control tank with 2.0 ml capacity. It's perfect for outings and stealth mode operations with the very small TC 500.

The A2 airflow control atomizer is 22 mm with 4 ml capacity, one piece acrylic tank with large see-through center tube for great airflow.

Accessories include USB charging cable and manual.


Variable Wattage (Power) or Joule (Temperature Control) mode

5.0 Watts to 50.0 Watts

2.5 Joule to 25 Joule

Minimum resistance is 0.2 Ω in Power Mode

Minimum resistance is 0.1 Ω in Joule Mode

Use Titanium or Nickel coils between 0.1Ω and1Ω  in Temperature Control mode

Recommended temperature 420-450° F

Use any conventional coil between 0.2Ω and 3.0Ω in Wattage Mode

Bold and bright display for easy reading under any condition


Use five clicks of the main button to turn it on and off. Use three clicks of the button to enter the menu. Press the up or down power buttons once for each 0.1 incremental change. Press and hold for extremely rapid end to end cycling. Press and hold both power buttons to read and set the coil resistance in temperature control mode. Please note this is a required operation.

The Power Mode display shows chosen wattage as well as resistance, battery capacity and voltage drawn under firing. The display adds the chosen temperature in Joule mode.

Protections include short circuit protection, low resistance protection, low voltage protection, high temperature protection and reversed battery protection.

The TC 500 comes with Kangside anti-counterfeit protection so you are assured to receive a genuine product.

Use of menu. Three clicks of fire button in two seconds to enter the menu:

NI-TC UNIT F (200F - 600F)
TI-TC UNIT C (100C - 300C)
POWER MODE EXIT to wattage adjustment


to turn over the screen
EXIT Return to normal state


All devices are fully inspected and tested prior to final delivery to ensure a trouble-free buying experience directly from an authorized factory distributor located right here in the Southeastern USA.Please read, heed and understand all instructions, warnings and advice included with your package. By purchasing from this store you certify you are age of 18 years or older.All purchasers and users agree to release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless the seller and associates from any and all liability for accident, injury, loss or damage resulting from use or ownership of any product purchased through this shop.

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Silver KSD TC 500 Temperature Control - Genuine Kangside Quality

Silver KSD TC 500 Temperature Control - Genuine Kangside Quality

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